Friday, October 8, 2010

I understand this picture doesn't exactly scream "road less traveled" but for an afternoon walk with my lazy suburban dog, it did just fine.If I'm being completely honest. This shot made the walk look like a pretty dece- one. What it fails to show the viewer is the power lines, whizzing cars and large homes literally 20 feet behind me. But, pessimism aside, it was a great walk to just think. [and PRAY my dog didn't poo. I don't care how responsible it is to pick up dog poo, bag it and take it home, it is in no way natural & 100% disgusting.]

I realize my writing is pretty A.D.D and in no why for the serious reader. For that, my friends, I am sorry.

Okay, back to my apparent soul searching walk.
I thought about what this year holds for a jobless girl who is taking the school year off put a dent in those school loans. . . When babysitting and mowing the lawn no longer pay the bills. You see my dilemma. How old am I again, you ask? Oh. well. um. 21, not 14 I can see how you'd be confused. it's ok. common mistake.
Calm down, Calm down. I have been putting applications out. Scouts Honor. BUT, it seems everyday that goes by that I don't get a call from a job, only makes my longings to go on a mission trip that much stronger.

Another thought was. If ever I see sunlight filtering through a leaf and don't find absolute beauty in it, I want someone to give me a 4 story atomic wedgie. [Scrubs reference, anyone?]

I also thought these flowers were really pretty. It's quite possible they're weeds, but how would I know. My thumbs are in no way green.

I tried to walk through a patch of these 'alleged' flowers to take a better picture and soon heard a very faint, but definite sound of buzzing. I then found myself in the midst of hundreds of these kids. yup, BEES.

Don't worry I barely have to walk out my front door before situations like these find me. I'll admit it took me off guard and I stood there dumbfounded. How did I walk this far WITH A DOG mind you, and neither of us bothered them? Now in the midst I stood there, trying to think what Bear Grylls would do this situation. I did a quick pro/con run through to decide if I should tip toe out or just sprint. All the while my dog is acting like we're invincible and sniffing crazy close to the bees. Clearly my precious time was almost up before they'd start stinging by the bakers dozen. So I did what any kind-hearted dog-lover would do. . . I pushed my dog, dropped the leash and sprinted in the opposite direction. duh.

Don't worry kiddos. My dog thought it was a game and chased me out. I didn't get stung, and my dog's pretty hairy, [I in no way did a thorough job of checking] so it's very difficult to say whether or not he got stung. I'm going to go with no, but it might just be to appease my conscience. Whatever helps you sleep at night, right? [insert cheesy smile and two elbow jabs]

This post is getting too long and I'm not sure if it's lame to post 2 days apart. I'm new. Give me a stinkin' break. POINT BEING, I'm going to tap out.

In closing, I took this picture when I was almost home and found it to capture life in suburbia. Mini van, automatic lawn sprinkler doing its job, "Slow let them live" sign with no child in sight. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I guess the word would be safe. But immediately afterwards, I feel sickened. I'm not 100% certain why.


  1. Never stop writing. Never stop walking. Never stop finding yourselves amongst the bees. For, it is better to have seen the beauty of a bee, and be stung, then to be someone that never got close enough to see what it was.

    I love you.