Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Half-Hearted View of Life.

The past week has been rainy-at some points. We've also had winds at 60 mph. Yet it seems relatively warm. With the peculiar weather comes my peculiar mood. It's strange isn't it? The way our moods often mimic the world around us. Don't worry this isn't ad. for seasonal depression medication, it's just an observation.

Any who. The other day I grabbed my keys and Marmot raincoat (the raincoat that is apparently really hardcore and will keep me perfectly dry in an ocean...or something like that) and I headed out. As I made it to my car I just stood there. Holding my keys in the middle of the driveway, I looked at my torso and saw the rain gliding so effortlessly down my raincoat. It looked so beautiful, really.

And then I looked at the rain fall straight off my coat and onto my shoes. My canvas, Toms. They quickly acted like sponges, soaking up the rain from the sky and my coat. I realized upon leaving the house I slipped on my Toms shoes instead of boots. At that point, I simply acknowledged my half-hearted view of life.

I sat in the car, without starting it.

I just listened to the rain beat on the car, in a trancelike manner. I began to think too hard about life. I find myself doing this too much lately (or maybe always). I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders. When my thoughts become too distant and over bearing, I knew it was time to start the car. Putting my thoughts back in perspective and I chalk my toms/raincoat "incident" up to a simple fashion faux pas. I remind myself to not needlessly get too deep, and too serious with life.

[yo, Hannah stop thinking so hard]


  1. It's hard to live when you are so busy thinking.


  2. [yo, Hannah keep thinking hard.]

    it's good for the soul.

    love you forever.