Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday November Twenty-Sixth

I haven't written one word in a month. I think real bloggers probably get really annoyed with my blogging skills. I have yet to make blogging a habit or a priority. It's just too convenient to leave my thoughts, as sporadic and strange, in a journal. To decipher and translate my scribbles, doodles, and unmethodical notions, easily gets put on the back burner.

But buckle up kids, cause here we go.

This past month

Shesh, ok, I'm going to start from most recent and work my way back. (only discussing the good things)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. My uncle called be Brittany, and my grandma called me a loner. Both statement's were said in pure honesty and seriousness. Both made me laugh and love the crazy family I was born into. Let's all be thankful for the families God gave us.

Two nights ago I saw these boys perform-
If you've never listened to Good Old War, it's what your ears have been longing for. (unintentional rhythming, but my brain doesn't want to change it right now, just pretend your reading Dr. Seuss)
Watching Good Old War, really made my heart so happy. I couldn't stop smiling. I sang my heart out, sorry to those within earshot of my tone deaf harmonizing. My feet itched to dance, and I wanted their set to go on a lot longer then it did. It was perfect none-the-less. I met the band after the show, Keith Goodwin smiled at me and I apparently forgot how to use the English language. dumb.

Listen to Woody's Hood Boogie Woogie off their self titled album. I defy you, nay, triple-dog dare you not to dance to that song.

I finally finished my application for Mocha Club. A lot of prayer was poured over that baby. Though I have to admit I'm nervous about this whole thing. Not getting the internship thus making me feel inadequate. Or getting the internship and being thrown into a world of change. I believe change is good, and definitely what my soul is asking for. Either way, I believe God's got His hand all over it, and I have nothing to worry about. I just wish my head could convince my stomach that, that's true.

About two weeks ago I gave blood to get a free Harry Potter T-shirt. I thought, "why not give blood, help save a life, and get an awesome glow in the dark Harry Potter shirt to wear opening night?" (if you had any doubts about whether or not I am a nerd, that was your confirmation) I quickly filled my bag with red and white blood cells, getting increasingly excited about how much I will love this Harry Potter tee. I walk out and scarfed my pretzels and juice, getting antsy for the shirt. . . They hand me a shirt that says "you have the magic in you, give blood". What a crock. If only you could see my disappointed face. I demanded they give me my blood back.

I've babysat my cousin Beth's children one day. I love watching family, especially when they are hysterical and well behaved. All five of her children have wonderful laughs and exhibit them often. Brock, the baby's laugh makes me happiest. His such a chubby, gushy, baby that I just love to squeeze. Although through babysitting, I grew aware, that it's never fulfilling to squeeze a baby. Please here me out, I may sound crazy, but I sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. As Brock lay next to me on the couch, I would squeeze his fat little legs and he would giggle like crazy. But in my heart all I wanted to do is SKAA-WEEEZE. (said in high pitched voice, hands clenched and one eye twitching) But I can't. . .cause he's a baby. . .and you can't just go around squeezin' baby legs with all you're strength. It sure was tempting though.

Before that, I road tripped down to Virginia, and Then North Carolina with my good friend Annalee. She's moving down there, away from family and friends, she going where she knows no one. I'm proud of her. Annalee is such a blessing in my life, I really enjoyed talking to her for the hours and hours we were in the car. She's one of those friends that you never grow tired of. She pushes me to do more and encourages me constantly. She's cool by her own merits. Even in highschool I remember she was too cool for the whole drinking, smoking, & drugs scene. It didn't even phased her. She loves God, and she loves others. I respect that those two statements don't waver with her.

North Carolina was absolutely breath taking. I loved every minute of being there. I loved the mountains, the sunsets, the sunrises, the town of Boone, the people I met, visiting Samaritan's Purse, the pumpkin pancakes my friend Sarah made us, bouldering, slacklining, walking dogs, hiking, falling and grabbing a thorn bush to cushion the fall, drinking coffee, eating pizza, sleeping at Collins, drinking Cookout shakes, talking to Annalee late at night about all the adventures we have to look forward to. . . and evidently I love run-on sentences.

A few days before that I decided to cut all my hair off. Okay, not all of it, but I did go from long, luscious locks to mom hair cut in just a few snips. I donated 14 inches to Locks of Love. It's worth it, I mean hair grows back, no big deal.

That's all I remember from a month ago. I'm aggravated that I can't move these pictures around, so that they sit next to their stories. Nevertheless, I believe you guys are smart enough to figure out what picture goes were.


  1. Remember When the dog had explosive diarrhea and scooted his behind across the ground.Watching your reaction to that was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Also. I Love You.

  2. How did I miss this post?! I feel so behind..

    Hooh man, this had me laughing out loud - Especially the Harry Potter t-shirt story! HAH!!

    Excited to check out Good Old War :)